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  • My husband and I have relied on Brilliance Cleaning Services for the past two years and have always been pleased with the service provided to us for our housekeeping needs. The staff is reliable, thorough, and ready to provide us with any special requirements that we may have. Brilliance is always eager to please and flexible when it comes to scheduling in order to meet the household's needs. If we need to change, or there is a need to substitute someone on a temporary basis, we know that based on their past reliability, we have trust that the right person will be provided to us. The one time I did have a minor concern, Brilliance handled it quickly and professionally. My husband and I highly recommend Brilliance Cleaning Service for anyone looking to establish a long-term relationship with a quality housekeeping service.
    ~ Joley A. | Salem Oregon
  • I have utilized the services of Blanca Ruiz for several years cleaning my home and office. In addition to her regular work for me I have also used her services for periodic work for my mother. Her work is exceptional. She is honest, thorough and reliable. Her staff are friendly and competent as well. They are very patient about working around me when I’m in the office and they need to clean it. I have frequently been away when Blanca was scheduled to work and have had no qualms about leaving a key for her to use. On the rare occasions that she has needed to reschedule a cleaning date, she has always called in advance. On the even rarer occasions when she herself could not be present she has always called and obtained my consent to sending others in her place. Blanca was recommended to me by a realtor friend of mine who also uses her services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
    ~ Mary Kim Wood | Salem Oregon
  • We are proud to be able to provide a letter of recommendation to Ms. Ruiz regarding the high quality and consistently excellent service she has provided to us for two and a half years. She has always provided us with better cleaning and care for our home than we have ever had with previous cleaning services. She and her employees provide efficient, careful, timely and environmentally respectful services. We count on her to provide the highest quality services whether we are at home or not. We trust her and her employees completely. We must say that she cleans areas routinely that wouldn't commonly be cleaned, such as our sliding glass doors, inside and out. We recommend her services without any reservation regardless of the size of the home or frequency of her services.
    ~ Vickie & Carlos Simpson | Salem Oregon
  • To anyone considering Brilliance Cleaning Services. Blanca and her helpers do a great job of cleaning at a very reasonable price and their services go beyond any I have used in the past. They always conduct themselves in a professional manner, are always very considerate of your needs, concerns and property without you having to ask. Because of her hard work I think her new business will do very well.
    ~ Bill | Salem Oregon
  • It is with pleasure that I recommend Blanca Ruiz as a professional home cleaning service provider. She has been cleaning my home for almost two years and the last visit is just as thorough as her first visit (saying something about longevity). My home not only "sparkles" but smells so nice and clean. Blanca is very flexible with scheduling her visit to fit your needs. Needless to say I have found myself very dependent on her services, one of the last benefits I would give up if ever I had to do so.
    ~ Sharon | Keizer Oregon
  • I have been a client of Brilliance Cleaning Services for more than five years and hope to continue for many more. The cleaning service is thorough and professional and a welcome greeting when I come home from a busy day at work. Blanca Ruiz is polite, hardworking, and makes every effort to please her customers. I recommend her company to anyone seeking home cleaning services and would be happy to serve as a reference.
    ~ Maraline Ellis | Salem Oregon
  • I highly recommend Brilliance Cleaning Services. They have been my housekeepers for two years, and I could not be more pleased. Not only are they lovely people who are pleasant to have around, they are reliable, thorough, trustworthy and always eager to please. Their high standards and work ethic make it very easy for me to recommend them.
    ~ Barbara Fletcher | Salem Oregon
  • Blanca Ruiz has been my housekeeper for about 8 years. She provides cleaning services at our home every other Friday. Over the last 8 years, Blanca has never missed one appointment. She has never asked to reschedule a cleaning time. She is the most dependable professional person I know. We worked together the first time she came so I could let her know what I needed her to do each visit. She completes those chores thoroughly and if I have extra work, such as a once a month cleaning request I just leave a note for her and she does that in addition to the regular duties. She charges a fair rate and I totally trust her. It is so nice for me to come home on those cleaning days to a sparkling clean house. It reduces my stress level and gives me more time to enjoy family, friends and my hobbies on the weekends. Thank you, Blanca, for all your hard work and dependability.
    ~ Sheila McCartney | Salem Oregon
  • I was fortunate to meet Blanca Ruiz of Brilliance Cleaning Services in October of 2013. I hired Blanca and her assistants, Carmen and Maria, as my house cleaners. For the last 5 months, I have been a satisfied client of their excellent service. Blanca and her team are pleasant, courteous, dependable and professional women. They work as a team with great attention to detail. On occasion, I have requested an additional job to the regular cleaning, and they have happily fulfilled all my requests. I wholeheartedly recommend Blanca Ruiz and Brilliance Cleaning Services for superior cleaning services.
    ~ Lindsey F. Houser | Salem Oregon
  • Blanca Ruiz and her associates at Brilliance Cleaning Services have been cleaning house for us weekly for two years. They are the best cleaning service we have ever had. They are efficient, thorough, careful, and honest. We rarely ever have to ask them to do a specific thing because they are so detailed in their work. When they see something that needs to be done, they do it. They are both punctual and excellent about working out changes that we request in the schedule. In a word, they are excellent.
    ~ Bill & Jo Ann Harp | The Rivers Condominiums, Salem Oregon
  • I am so pleased with the services provided by Brilliance Cleaning Services. It only took a few minutes during the interview to see the passion that the owner has for her company. Working and balancing life is tough, but the rewards of this came in the form of housecleaning as a “treat” for myself. I have used this company for 6 month now and the anticipation of their arrival is always very exciting. The house gets a top to bottom cleaning and a special touch added each time. Scheduling for the Holidays and other special occasions has always been with ease and care. Communication with this company has been exceptional. The cleaning is thorough and the care for my belongings is gentle. I intend to keep this company in business for a very long time. I would refer, and have, to many of my friends and co-workers what a blessing it is to shave an owner like Blanca provide excellent service and accommodate my wishes. I would give up many things in life, but this kind of service, I would hesitate, and hold onto as long as possible.
    ~ Amy Rominger | Salem Oregon